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Why Use PDF Sewing Patterns?

Owl and Sewing Cat sewing patterns are going digital!

We have started to add our sewing patterns as PDF downloads to our website. So, we thought we'd show you how simple it is to download our patterns and start sewing instantly from the comfort of your home.

Why use PDF sewing patterns?

Here are some reasons why we think PDF patterns are great!

1. You don't have to pay for postage. Simply pay online and the pattern is sent straight to your inbox for you to download.

2. The PDF patterns are at a cheaper price, saving you money.

3. Print from the comfort of your own home instantly.

4. The pages are cheap to print as mainly white with only thin black pattern lines, which uses next to no ink.

5. You can go green by saving the photo instructions to your device to read from again and again. 

6. Patterns are easy to print and stick together, with our handy blog post - showing you how to easily print to the correct size and sick your sheets together.

Have a browse of our digital sewing patterns here -

Remember to check out our Youtube channel where you'll find sew-a-long videos for some of these great projects too!

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