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Club Membership Sewing Subscription

Introducing Owl and Sewing Cat CLUB MEMBERSHIP

To receive a £20 voucher to spend on any fabric of your choice. Simply sign up as a new continual member or purchase 3, 6 or 12 months and email quoting ‘FREEFABRIC’ to qualify. Or call us on 01424 870321. Your unique voucher will be emailed to you once you reach month 3 of your subscription. Offer can be claimed once per person.

The new and improved club membership sewing subscription is open for everyone.
Each month members will receive THREE things...
1. Complete surprise sewing project from our extensive range delivered directly to your door. Which includes a full scale paper pattern, easy to follow photo instructions, all fabrics required plus trims
2. A free shipping code to use for all additional orders made on the Owl and Sewing Cat website. (one voucher code can be used per transaction)
3. A free haberdashery gift for you to pop in your sewing box.
Membership starts from only £16.08 per month (plus p&p)!
We offer four different payment options-
a monthly subscription - £18.95 per month (plus p&p)
3 month upfront payment - £18.95 per month (plus p&p)
6 month upfront payment - £17.50 per month (plus p&p)
12 month upfront payment - £16.08 per month (plus p&p)
sewing subscription box sewing subscription box sewing subscription box

One Month Taster - £20.95 (plus £3 p&p)

Buy a one month taster of 'Club Membership' without signing up to a subscription so you can sample the service.

This is a great option if you want to buy as a gift!

Please note - our one-off trial project stays the same. After trialing club membership we hope you get to sign up and enjoy many more months of fun projects!


Pay Monthly - £18.95 (plus £3 p&p per month)

Sign up to a monthly subscription for 'Club Membership' (which you can cancel at any time) Delivery will be on the 1st of every month CONTINUOUSLY.


3 Months Upfront - £18.95 - total = £56.85 (plus £3 p&p per month)

Purchase a 3 month 'Club Membership' upfront for £56.85. This is a great idea if you're looking to gift somebody a shorter subscription, making each project £18.95 (Plus £3.00 p&p) a month.

(Total cost inc. p&p £65.85)


6 Months Upfront - £17.50 - total = £105 (plus £3 p&p per month)

Purchase a 6 month 'Club Membership' upfront and receive a discount on the pay monthly price, making each project just £17.50 (Plus £3.00 p&p) a month.

(Total cost inc. p&p £123.00)

12 Months Upfront - £16.08 - total = £193 (plus £3 p&p per month)

Purchase a 12 month 'Club Membership' upfront and receive a bigger discount on the pay monthly price, making each project just £16.08 (Plus £3.00 p&p) a month.

(Total cost inc. p&p £229.00)

Please ensure your Paypal information is correct as this is where your parcel(s) will be sent. If you wish to have your parcel(s) sent to a different address than the one linked to your Paypal account, then please contact us via email - or give us a call on 01424 870321 to change this.

Parcels are sent on the 25th of each month and should be with our lovely members by the 1st of the month. Therefore our cut off date for each month is the 25th.

For example - if you were to sign up on the 26th February, your first parcel will be shipped out on the 25th March and you will have it with you by the 1st of April.

If you have any questions regarding our monthly subscription service then feel free to drop us a message to -

Terms & Conditions can be found here.

Each month the surprise sewing projects vary, you will never receive the same kit twice! No more scouring the shops for quality fabrics and notions, all of our sewing kits are carefully chosen with fabrics to match each pattern. Now including a free haberdashery item!

As a member use the free shipping code to repeat sewing projects by ordering from the website for items such as fabrics, trims and notions. The unique code will be included inside each month's parcel for you to enjoy on our entire online store (one voucher code per order.)

If you do not have a Paypal account then please check out as a guest. See our FAQs for help. Or simply ring the office on 01424 870321 and you can purchase a 3, 6 or 12 month subscription over the phone.

For orders with delivery outside of the UK please email delivery address to BEFORE PURCHASE so that we may calculate shipping costs.

Club Membership Testimonials

If you love receiving Owl and Sewing Cat sewing patterns and kits then Club Membership is for you! Here is what our current subscribers have to say...

Linda says - I would like to say how awesome this month's club project is, if anybody is sitting on the fence for club membership, they need to jump in and enjoy, I've learnt so much by following the instructions for each project, all I had ever sewn before were clothes or curtains, so it is so nice to learn something different. Keep up the good work Tracey and the team.

Julie says - As a "back to sewing newbee" I love the little pink parcels of joy I get every month. Its given me new skills and the confidence to make something from scratch. Great variety of kits with simple but comprehensive instructions and more than enough material etc. Includes a useful surprise gift which I am never disappointed with.Team are lovely and helpful too. I say just go for it you won't regret it 😊😊

Lyn says - My friends and I are on our second membership we have the same project each month and have a day to make them we take turns to be the host but at the moment via FaceTime it’s brilliant thank you x

Paula says - I have been a member for a long time, I started as beginner. There are tutorial videos you can watch and if you really get stuck email the team, they get back very quickly. The kits are high quality, patterns easy to understand and material and hardware are first class. If you are thinking about this don't hesitate, you will not regret it, and a lovely surprise every month.

Judith says - I so look forward to my monthly project with the beautiful material designs and all the bits I need to complete a lovely variety of projects. The instructions are easy to follow and there is always somebody to advise further if needed. I was a beginner sewer a year ago with a vintage singer machine and I have been inspired to learn more through the projects and been thrilled with my results that I have been able to giveaway and keep. Thank you owl and sewing cat. I look forward to more projects and whether you are a beginner or experienced sewer I fully recommend this subscription. 

Previous Club Membership Projects

club membership sewing subscription projects

club membership sewing subscription projects

Frequently Asked Questions

If I renew my Club Membership will I receive the same project again?

No, if you choose to renew your subscription you will receive all new and different projects to those previously received. You will not receive any repeat projects. If a long period of time has passed since you were a member last then feel free to drop us a quick message to say you are now a member again and we will ensure you don't receive duplicate projects.

What if I want to become a Club Member and I already have some of your kits and patterns?

If you'd like to become a member but have purchased kits/patterns in the past. This is not a problem, simply drop us a message with a list of the projects you already have to and we will avoid sending you these again.