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Twin straps hack for Camille Cami

For this blog post we are sharing how to create a pretty double strap for the Camille Cami. These straps give multiple options when wearing the pretty cami top. Cross over of both straps, cross over of the inner set of straps, or wear both straight. These straps will be rouleaux straps!

To start, cut new straps on the bias using the following cutting instructions -

For the diagonal straps - cut 1.25" wide x 25" long on the bias.

For the straight straps - cut 1.25" wide x by the same length as your original pattern strap length on the bias.

Amounts of each strap depend on what design you would like to create!

You will also need a small safety pin for turning or you can also use a loop turner tool, a ruler and chalk/invisible marker pen.

Next, mark your seam allowance onto your straps. Take one strap piece and using a ruler (as shown below) or a tape measure, measure a 1/4" seam allowance and then mark onto one long edge of the strap. This will be your guide when sewing your rouleaux straps.

Next, sew the strap with right sides together and the long raw edges lined up. Sew with a 1/4" seam allowance and following your markings made in the previous step as a guide. If you have a 1/4" foot, it would be great to use it at this stage. Do a lock in stitch at the beginning and end of your sewing.


Now it's time to turn through the strap. Attach a small safety pin at one end of the strap and thread through the strap and pull out the other end, turning the strap the right sides out. You could alternatively use a loop turner for this step.

Repeat this process with all four strap pieces and give them a press, it's best to do this with the seam running down the back of the strap if possible.

Next, pin your straps into place! Use the pattern to guide you and pin onto the front main panel first with the two straps sitting together and with the short raw edges in line with the straight raw edge of the top. Remembering to leave space either side for the seam allowance either side of the straps. Pin into place.

Now, pin the other ends of the straps onto the back main panel of the top, ensure they are not twisted. Use the notches as a guide, pinning the straps centrally within the notches. Carry on with the construction of the top as shown in the pattern from step 8.

There are three options for these pretty double straps, you can either cross over of both straps, cross over of the inner set of straps, or wear both straight. Please see the images below to refer to. (Please note the diagonal straps will need to be the longer length straps.)

We hope you enjoyed using this sewing hack! The Camille Cami pattern can be found here -


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