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Tutu making!

We're making tutus! This simple but effective way to make a tutu can be created in around an hour with very little sewing. Perfect for Halloween!

You'll need -

Waistband elastic approx 1"/2.5cm wide

Tulle approx 1 x roll, 6"/15cm wide

Step 1. Measure the waist of who you're making your tutu for, cut the elastic to fit by reducing by measurement by approx 20%. This is so your waistband will not fall down and have a snug fit.

Step 2. The only step using a sewing machine! Create your elastic waistband. Overlap the raw edges of the elastic by approx 2cm, ensuring your elastic isn't twisted. Then stitch together with a square as shown below.

Step 3. Now it's time to start cutting your strips of tulle. You can do this with scissors or using a mat and rotary cutter. We used a roll of tulle that measures 15cm wide. The length of the strips will be dependent on the length of your finished tutu. Cut strips with the length of your desired finished length doubled, plus 10cm for attaching to your waistband.

(For example if you would like your tutu to measure 25cm long from the top of the waist band to the bottom of the tutu, cut your strips 60cm. (25cm x2 = 50cm plus 10cm = 60cm))


Step 4. Time to assemble your tutu. Lay your elastic waistband flat on a table or pop it around the back of a chair or even onto a body form's waist. Then start to tie your tulle strips to your elastic.

Fold one strip in half (rest behind the elastic) and pop the raw ends through the loop while attaching to the elastic. Pull down tightly as shown below to secure.


Step 5. Keep repeating this process until you have a nice, full skirt.

Step 6. After attaching all of your tulle strips to your elastic you can always add a bow to show the front of the tutu, as shown in the picture below...and you are finished!

Hope you enjoy making you tutu!

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