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Tips & tricks for working with viscose

We want to offer you our simple tips & tricks for working with viscose fabric.
First of all don't be scared to use viscose! It is best used when you want a lovely drape, our popular kimono is the perfect pattern to use with this sort of fabric.
1. Correct size needle
Know your needle sizes, make sure you choose a needle that is around a 60/8 or 70/10 which is perfect for lightweight fabrics. Generally we use a 80/12 for most cottons, however, when sewing with lighter weight fabrics you will need a smaller needle.
2. Treat your sewing machine to a new needle!
A new sharp needle will allow you sew up your garment much easier than an old blunt needle.
3. Sharp new pins
When pinning viscose it's a good idea to use a pack of sharp new pins. So throw away those blunt old pins and treat yourself to some shiny new ones!
4. Cutting out
Viscose can be slippery so when you come to cut out your fabric be sure to use lots of sharp pins to keep your paper pieces in place. Also, make sure you cut out on a flat/hard surface as viscose can move easily.
 5. Pressing
Pressing your garment before hemming can make a world of difference! When pressing viscose be careful not to pull the fabric as you go, as this can cause it to stretch out of shape. Make sure your iron isn't too hot as viscose is thin and doesn't need a super hot iron to press.
6. Hemming
When finishing off our kimono we press our seam allowance under by 1cm and then again by another 1cm. When you get to the neckline you may need to take a slightly smaller seam allowance as you are going around a curve. Remember to use those new pins to keep everything in place for when you are sewing!
We hope all these tips and tricks have helped and you enjoy making our simple and speedy kimono!
Navy KimonoSLXLM
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