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Tips & tricks for marking buttonholes on the back of a cushion

Here's a handy tip for evenly marking out where to position your buttonholes on the back of a cushion.

We're using three buttons on the back of our cushion. Start by finding the half way point of your placket by folding on cushion back piece in half. Mark with a pin.

Now find the equal positions either side of the half way point. The easiest way to do this is to fold either side back so it is in half again. With the raw edges lined up.

Allow 1cm to overhang on both sides, this is to allow for your seam allowance that will be used when joining the front and back of the cushion together as shown in the following photos (You can adjust this amount depending on the seam allowance you are using.)


Finger press and pop in your pins to mark the remaining two folds. You now have three equal marked points where the buttons will be positioned. Open out flat.

Now it's time to make your button holes and construct the rest of your cushion!

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  • Hi Tracey love your patterns and I watch you on sewing street I am new to sewing and your patterns seem easy for a beginner like me thanks Tracy Joel

    Tracy Joel

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