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Tips and tricks for sewing patchwork seams

Tips and tricks for sewing patchwork seams
For this blog post we are sharing the technique of sewing patchwork seams.
1. First start by sewing two pieces together.
2. Press open with seam allowances to one side.
3. Repeat this technique with with the other two pieces of fabric. Pressing the seam allowances to the opposite side from before.
4. Now, place these two rows together with right sides together.
5. Making sure to match up the seams exactly. You can do this by slotting together the seam allowances together as show below.
6. Pop pins either side of the seams to ensure the seam allowances stay in place when sewing these rows together.
7. Press these rows open as you've done before.
8. Tah-dah! You should have a nice crisp point where the four points meet.
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