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Tips and tricks for for creating neat corners

Tips and tricks for creating neat corners

For this blog post we'll be sharing some handy tips and tricks for creating neat corners when sewing.

1. Start by sewing your corner seam.

2. Trim closely to the corner seam taking off the bulk and along the straight edges slightly too. Careful not to clip your sewing at the corner.

3. Bring in the seam allowances and pinch the corner with your finger and thumb. Then turn so the right sides are facing out.

4. At this point you can either use a chopstick or knitting needle to push out the corner from the inside to make a neat point. OR you can use a needle to pull out the corner. Be careful and work slowly for this step so not to pierce a hole through your stitches or pull out any threads.

Now press your corner seam and roll your straight edges to bring out the fabric and create a straight edge with a neat corner.

Tah-Dah! Your corner seam is finished, hope you get to use some of these handy tricks for your next sewing project!

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