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Sewing the kimono neckline

We're sharing a few tips & tricks for hemming our 'summer kimono jacket', especially the neckline!
When hemming around the front edge and neck of the kimono jacket, you do this by turning the raw edge under by approx. 5mm and pressing. Then turn under again by another approx. 5mm and pressing, therefore hiding the raw edge inside.
You can also overlock around the outside edge and turn under by 5mm like we have done for our sample jacket here.
Take extra care around the curved neck edge, ensuring just a small hem is taken to help ease around the curve as you can press and then sew. You can see from the pictures here that we have graduated to a slightly smaller hem around this curved neck edge to give a lovely finish.
Then stitch around close to the inside folded edge (or close to the overlocking) to hold. Ensure the fabric is not stretched while sewing and give the hem a good press after. (Due to the curved edge it may appear to twist until it is pressed.)
This quick and easy pattern is available HERE.

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