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Sewing on buttons with your machine

Sewing on buttons with your machine

For this blog post we will be showing you how to sew on buttons using your sewing machine. We are using a Brother machine which comes with a button foot (M).

Step 1. Start by selecting the zig-zag stitch. Bring down the length of the stitch to 0. This means your button won't try and move when stitching. Leave the width at 3.5mm this is a standard width for button holes.



Step 2. Pop your button into your foot by slotting it between the prongs. Line up the holes on your button with the dots on your foot. This can be done more easily without the foot being attached to your machine.


Step 3. Place your foot back on your machine. At this point it is good to test the width of your stitch and to check the needle will go in the holes of your button and not hit the button itself. You can do this by turning the flywheel at the side of your machine and manually move the needle.

Step 4. Now you have checked your needle is clear of the button, it's time to sew!


Step 5. Finish off your sewing by doing a few lock in stitches at the end, securing your button to the fabric. Cut the threads and you are finished!

Use this technique when sewing on buttons to the Owl Cushion -

Or onto our Butterfly Wings -

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