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Pocket hack for the Waterfall Jacket

In this blog post we'll explain how to add pockets to the Waterfall Jacket!
The pockets can be added when making a jacket, or even if it has already been made, where the side seams can be unpicked and pocket pieces added afterwards.
Firstly you will need -
> 25cms of fabric
> Scissors
> Thread
The pattern piece for this pocket hack can be found here -
simply download and print out at home.
Step one -
Start with cutting out two pairs of your pocket pieces. Place one pocket piece with the right side facing down on top of the right side of the main jacket front panel, with the straight outside edge of the jacket and the straight edge of the pocket lined up. When adding to our waterfall jacket, position the bottom of the pocket piece 22cms up from the raw hem (as shown below). If you're adding your pockets after having made your jacket, then position the pocket piece 20cms up from the hemmed edge (which allows for the turning of your hem).
Step two -
Stitch the straight edge only using a reduced 0.5cm seam allowance. The reduced seam allowance means the pocket seam will sit inside the side seam of the jacket.
Step three -
Repeat with step one and two with the back panel and remaining front panel of the jacket ensuring they are placed in the exactly same position up from the hem.
Step four -
Fold out the pocket piece (to form an ear shape) as shown below. Now place together the front and back panels, with right sides facing and with the pocket folded to the outside of the jacket (as shown below).
Step five -
Now continue to follow the instructions for making the waterfall jacket and when you get to the step of sewing the side seam of your jacket ensure you use a 1cm seam allowance stitch down the side seam, pivoting 1 cm past the straight edge onto the pocket and then stitch around the pocket shape, pivot again and then continuing down the remaining straight side seam as shown in red. Therefore leaving the opening of the pocket unstitched to make it functional.
Step six -
Tah dah! You've made one pocket. Now repeat with the other side of the jacket to complete. This technique can be used for the 'Scooped Hem Top' or even the 'Gathered Neck Tunic' simply adjust the position of the pocket for the individual project.
To pick up a copy of the pattern see here -
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