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How to use washi tape for straight seams!

For this short but sweet post we'll be showing you how to use washi tape!

Washi tape is a handy tool that we can use on our sewing machine to help guide us when sewing and want to create straight seams. It is a thin masking tape that can be stuck to a sewing machine and peeled off again and reused without leaving residue.

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Simply line up along the plate on your sewing machine, depending on the seam allowance you are using. We have used the tape up against the edge of the foot for a 1cm seam allowance with the needle in the first position.

Each machine is different, but they will likely have a grid on the plate by your foot. This is to show you what spacing to use for your seam allowance, for instance 1cm or 1.5cm as shown here.

Once your tape is in place, it is used as a ruler that you can use as a guide for sewing the seam of your fabric or even for top-stitching! It's a great help for keeping your stitching consistent with the seam allowance.

When sewing try to focus on lining up the fabric to the tape at the closest point to you and let the machine guide the fabric through, rather than focusing on the needle. This will help ensure a straight line!

We hope you find this post helpful and can now use washi tape for your sewing. It can be found in most stationary or craft shops. Test it out with a range of our sewing patterns, they can be found here - SEWING PATTERNS

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