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How to use cover buttons

How to use cover buttons!
For this blog post we'll be explaining how to use covered buttons.
You will need:
Covered buttons
Small remnants of fabric
Hand sewing needle
Start by cutting a circle in your chosen fabric approximately 1.5cm larger than the size of your button front.
Step 2.
With the right side of the fabric circle facing down, hand stitch around the outside edge with a large gathering stitch.
Step 3.
Place the button front on top and pull up your stitching to gather around the button.
Step 4.
Push on the button back so that it clips hard into place to hold the fabric.
Step 5.
Tah dah! You've completed your first covered button, repeat with any other buttons you may require.

You can use this lovely technique to create a button back on a cushion you are making, such as our Home Sweet Home cushion. Find the pattern here -

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