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How to turn through strapping

How to turn through strapping

For this post we'll be explaining how to create strapping by pulling through a tube of strapping with a handy safety pin.

1. First step, grab your strip of fabric and hold in half lengthwise with right sides together and sew.

2. Ensure you do a lock in stitch at each end of your sewing. This will stop the stitching unraveling when turning through the strap.
3. Pop a large safety pin at the end of the strap at the opening.
4. Push the safety pin inside the fabric and start to thread through the safety pin through to the end of the strap.
5. Pull the safety pin out the other end and pull through the remaining fabric and un-clip your safety pin.
6. Now it's time to press your strapping with the seam on one side, you can finger roll this seam as you press along the fabric.
7. Lastly, topstitch the edges of your strapping and you are finished!
We hope this technique is useful for future projects!
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  • I was taught to lay a length of ribbon or cord, longer than the strap, down the middle before folding. Then, after sewing the long edge, sew across one end to trap the ribbon. Next pull the ribbon from the inside to turn the strap right side out.


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