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How to Shorten a ZIp

How To Shorten a Zip

In this post we are going to show how to shorten a zip!

Start by measuring where you would like to shorten your zip to and pop a pin in place. For this post we are shortening a 10" zip to a 8" zip.

Now, put your sewing machine to the zigzag setting. Make sure your stitch length is set to '0' and the width as wide as it will go, in this case our machine is set to '7'. This means that your zip will stay in the same position and the needle will only go from help to right to create a holding stitch on your zip.


Next, pop your zip in the middle of your machine foot, ensuring your pin is used as a guide for where your needle will start stitching. Take your pin out, then start sewing! Your needle should land either side of your zip teeth. It is worth mentioning that you can do the first few stitches by hand, using your flywheel to ensure the needle doesn't sew your zip teeth.


Stitch around 8-10 stitches before cutting off your threads. This will create a holding stitch on your zip, it does the same job (if not a better one!) as the glue at the end of your zip.

Lastly, double check your stitch is in the correct position and snip the end off using scissors or pinking sheers. You have now successfully shortened your zip!

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