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How to sew Santa's nose!

For this blog post we'll be sharing how to create our cute Santa's nose. Used on our Santa Doorstop pattern and Santa Gonk pattern.
Start with your circle of fabric, needle and thread.
Start by sewing a running stitch around your circle. Make sure to knot the end of your thread so the first stitch holds. Also, ensure you stitch close to the edge of your fabric, approx 0.5cm.
When you come to the end, fill the centre of your nose with stuffing. Then pull up your threads to create a circle shape around the stuffing.
Keep stuffing until you have a nice plump nose!
Adjust your gathers as you go to create a round shape.
Once you have your desired shape, pull up the gathers and stitch to hold in place.
Tah Dah! You are finished, now pop your nose in place on your cute Santa.
Find the sewing pattern to make our cute Gonk here -

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