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How to sew past a zip head

Sewing Zips Tips and Techniques

For this blog post we're sharing some tips and tricks for sewing zips. Do you ever get stuck sewing past a zip head? We're going to show step by step instructions explaining how to get past that niggly bit of your sewing with ease!
Step 1. Start by attaching your zipper foot to your sewing machine.
Step 2. Start sewing your zip as the pattern instructs, ensure the zip head and teeth are facing down onto the right side of your fabric, with the zip tape running alongside the raw edge of your fabric.
Step 3. Using pins to keep you zip in place, start to sew your zip. As you approach the zip head, you'll want to move past this with your zipper foot. Leave your needle in the downward position. This is so your fabric will stay in place with the zip tape. Now lift your foot!
Step 4. You can now try to move the zip head past your foot with the gap you've made by lifting the foot. But...if it's still not moving you can try one more thing!
Step 5. At this point, continuing to leave the needle in the downward position, you can remove your zipper foot and move the zip head past with ease!
Step 6. After doing this simply pop your zipper foot back into place and continue sewing!
Tah Dah! Your sewing is now complete!
This handy tip can be used when sewing zips into any of our patterns, such as the triple zip bag or Lucielle bag.


  • Amazing piece of advice about putting in a zip and managing to get the zipper head past

  • Love the blog and What an amazing idea. I never thought of taking the zipper foot off whilst trying to get the zipper head up


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