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How to sew bias binding to create an elasticated waist

This technique is used when making the Lottie Maxi Dress and Alana Dress. The blog post is full of tips & tricks for sewing the waist channel for the elastic.


Take your bodice with wrong sides facing out and skirt with right side facing out.


Place the skirt inside the bodice through the neck opening, with the right sides facing.


Pin the two together to hold the skirt and bodice together.

Next, take the bias binding and pin on top of the previous pins, starting at the side seam.

Fold over the first 1cm of the bias binding onto the wrong side to hide the raw edge.

Pin and stitch in the first fold of the bias. Therefore stitching through the bias and also both the bodice and skirt panels, ensure all three are stitched at the same time.

Work your way all around and once you get back to the starting point make sure to overlap the bias binding.

Pull the bodice out and lay flat so that the wrong sides are facing out.

Press the bias downwards towards the hem of the skirt.

The bias will form the channel for the waist elastic.

Stitch around close to the remaining folded edge of the bias. Leaving a 3cm opening on the side seam which will be used for threading the elastic through.

Thread through your elastic and your waist is finished!

Find the Lottie and Alan patterns here -

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