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How to sew an invisible ladder stitch

This technique can be used to sew openings within bags, along seams or to sew up holes on stuffed animals too.

We're using a contrast thread for this example, so it can be seen clearer in the photos. We're using the opening left on our Dilly duck pattern.

To start, knot your double thread and take one stitch within the seam allowance at the start of the opening to anchor your sewing.

Next, take a small stitch on the folded edge of the pressed seam allowance from one side of the opening.

Repeat this process by taking a stitch from the folded edge of the pressed seam allowance from the other side of the opening.

You can see the stitches being pulled together here, this is where the ladder stitch gets its name!

Continue to take stitches from each pressed edge. These stitched can be 1cm apart but they can be made longer or shorter if you wish.

Work your way along the opening. As you come to an end, make a knot by taking a loop and thread through and snip your threads. Tah Dah you have finished!

Find our cute Dilly duck sewing pattern HERE.

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