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How to sew a zip in a seam

How to sew a zip in a seam!

For this blog post we're showing you how to sew a zip in a seam, this is a great technique for sewing zips into cushions...among other things!
Firstly, take your two fabric panels and lay with right sides together. On one long side, place a pin approx 2" in from one edge and then do the same from the other edge. This measurement may vary depending on the length of your zip you are using.
Using a 1/2" seam allowance stitch from the left edge to the first pin, then do a reverse stitch to lock, increase the stitch length to the largest possible and continue stitching to the next pin, then return the stitch length to 2.5, reverse stitch to lock and then continue stitching to the end of the straight edge.

Open flat with right side facing down. Press open the seam allowances. Place the zip face down running along the back seam of the fabric. Ensure the top of the zip starts 2" from the left edge, where the locking stitch is. Roll the zip down the seam ensuring the zip teeth are exactly in line with the seam and use pins to hold in place. Hand stitch a large tacking stitch around the zip to hold in place and the pins can then be removed

Turn your fabric so the right side is facing up and stitch the zip in place using a zipper foot so that you can get nice and close to the edge. Stitch a rectangle around the zip, starting and stopping 2" from the left and right edge.

Take care when passing the zip head. Make sure you stop stitching when you reach the head and then, leaving the needle in the fabric, move the head up and out of the way before continuing to sew.

Remove all the tacking, and carefully unpick the large stitching along the centre seam (within the rectangle of stitching) to expose the zip. Be careful not to cut the edge of the fabric when doing this.

Your concealed zip is now complete!

This simple technique is used when making our lovely Nautical Boat Cushion and our Applique Owl Cushion.

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