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How to sew a channel using bias binding

In this post, you will be shown how to sew a channel using bias binding. This technique is used when making the new Gathered Neck Tunic/Top kit. The channel finishes off the neckline using bias binding and some elastic, which then gathers up and gives a flattering finish!
Step 1 - Start by sewing your bias binding onto your neckline, lining up the raw edges with right sides facing (as shown below). Start sewing at the back of the neck so the join can't be seen at the front of the neckline.
 Make sure to fold back the bias binding when you start sewing and finish by overlapping approx 1cm when you come to the end. This is to hide the raw ends of the bias binding. (see picture below)
Step 2 - Now it's time to fold the bias binding onto the inside of your top and stitch to create your channel. (please note, kits bought from Owl and Sewing Cat will include narrow binding as shown in the picture below. However, if using a wider binding it may be worth trimming it down by 1cm so it is not so bulky around the neckline!) 
Sew close as you can to the edge of the bias binding, leaving a gap of about 3cms at the back of the neck as this is where you will thread the elastic through. It is useful to roll the fabric over to the inside slightly (as shown in the picture below) so the bias binding can't be seen from the right side of the top. Before you sew choose a matching thread colour as the stitching will be seen at the front neckline of your pretty top.
Step 3 - Now it's time to thread the elastic through the channel via the hole you have left at the back of the top. Attach a safety pin to the end of your elastic and start threading. A quick tip is to pin the end of your elastic to the opening of the channel so not to loose it when threading the elastic through!
Step 4 - Sew your two ends of elastic together securely.
Step 5 - Now all that's left to do is sew up the hole where you threaded the elastic through and evenly distribute the gathers!
This lovely tunic/top is available as a sewing pattern via the website here.
There is a Youtube tutorial available via our channel which shows this pretty top being made -
 Happy Sewing!

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