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How to sew a buttonhole

How to sew a buttonhole!

For this post we'll be showing you how to sew a four-step buttonhole, we are using a Brother sewing machine but these tips and tricks can certainly be transferred to different makes and models of sewing machines.


Step 1. First select your button you want to fit your buttonhole and pop into your buttonhole foot.

Step 2. Attach foot to your machine and bring down the necessary lever to allow the machine to measure the hole it is going to create to fit your button. On our machine this buttonhole lever sits just behind the marker on the foot.

Step 3. Select the buttonhole stitch on your machine.

Step 4. Your sewing machine will likely start to sew away from you. (This is the opposite to what we are used to!) It is a good idea to practice on a scrap piece of fabric first to check this and the size of your buttonhole. You can use this first try to lay onto your project to check positioning.

Step 5. Once complete it is time to open up your buttonhole ready for use. Start by placing a pin at the top of your buttonhole.


Step 6. Grab an unpicker and begin to slice towards the pin, avoiding the stitching as you go. Stop cutting when you hit the pin, this acts as a barrier so you avoid cutting through your lovely stitching by accident.

Step 7. Remove the pin and your buttonhole is complete!

This technique can be used when making our cute Crayon Carry Case. Find the pattern here -

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