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How to make an adjustable strap for a cross body bag

Meet the new Lucielle bag!
This fun bag uses a stripey strapping on the outside as a feature. It is a sturdy cotton strapping that is threaded through the metal rectangular rings and an adjuster.
A commonly asked question is how to thread the strapping through these metal rings. So we've put together a simple step by step guide explaining what to do. This technique can be used for any cross-body bag pattern!
1. Start by sewing in the two rectangular ring to each side of the Lucielle bag as shown in the picture below. This allows the rectangular rings to work as anchors for the long strapping to work it's way through.
2. Now it's time to attach the long piece of strapping. Thread 20cm of the long strap through the D ring on the right hand side of the bag with the raw edge of the strap facing into the centre of the bag, fold the raw edge under by 1cm and stitch through all three layers of the strap to hold in place onto the D ring as shown below.
3. Thread the strap adjuster onto the strap using the remaining raw edge of the strapping, and pull up the slider approx halfway.
4. Take the remaining raw end of the strap and thread back through the centre bar of the strap adjuster forming a loop, fold the raw ends under and stitch back onto the strap to hold in place as shown on the following photo. This then means that the strap length can be adjusted.
Tah Dah! You're strapping is complete, now slide the adjuster up and down the bag to make the bag strap longer or shorter to fit!

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