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How to make a belt loop from thread!

We're explaining how to make a handy belt loop that you find on dresses and tunics...this would be a great add-on for our Ava tunic sewing pattern!

You'll simply need a needle and thread, we have used a polyester thread here as it's a little bit stronger than cotton thread.

1. Start by snipping a long piece of thread approx 1.5m long.

2. Fold your length of thread in half and thread through the eye of your needle, then knot the ends together and you will have four strands in total.

3. Find where you'd like your belt lop to sit and on the inside of your garment make a few stitches within the seam allowance to anchor your threads.

4. Then pull your needle and thread through to the rigth side of the garment (usually through a seam) and take a stitch on the outside of the garment to make a loop with your thread.

5. Put your hand through the loop and pull your thread through this loop and pull down the knot to your starting point (without pulling through your needle). Repeat this process until you have created your chain as shown in the photos below. Approx 5cms long, this will depend on your tie/belt width.

6. To finish the chain simply pop your needle through the last loop and tightly pull the last knot to secure.

7. Then sew through the starting point and tie a knot on the inside of the garment.

Tah dah! You have finished your first belt loop now it's time to repeat this process on the other side of the dress/tunic.

Find our Ava pattern here -

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