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How to lengthen the Jersey Wrap Dress

Our brand new jersey wrap dress is designed to finish at approximately knee length. However, if you would like to lengthen this, we have popped together this handy step-by-step blog post explaining what to do.

Please note you will require more fabric to do this.

Step 1 - check your required length before cutting your fabric. Use the lower side snip marks as your waistline and measure down to centre back hem to check length. Make a note of how much extra length you would like to add and take into account this will be hemmed by 1cm which is included in the original pattern.

Step 2 - you may need to add some extra paper to your pattern at the hem of the dress. We did this by sticking together some A4 sheets of printer paper and then sticking this to the pattern. You could use baking paper or even newspaper instead!


Step 3 - add the extra length required to your pattern by using a ruler. We are using a flat ruler used for rotary cutting. Start by lining up your desired added length on the ruler with the bottom hem of the dress pattern shown below. We are lengthening our dress by 3". Use the 3" line on the ruler to match up with the line on the pattern. Draw a horizontal line 3" below this.


If you do not have a flat ruler as shown here, alternatively you can use a regular ruler or tape measure and simply mark out the extra length you require as shown below. Mark little dashes mark with a pen along the hem and draw a line to join up these markers to create your new lengthened hem line.


Step 4 - next, using the side of the dress pattern piece as a guide, draw your vertical lines to join up the original pattern piece with the new hem. Do this on each side of the pattern piece.


Step 5 - make sure to repeat this process on the front AND back pattern pieces.

You can now cut out your pattern and fabric and start sewing your new dress!

Find the sewing pattern here -

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