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How to join seams in a loop on an overlocker

Tips & tricks for using an overlocker when sewing seams in a loop. This technique is used when attaching sleeves, cuffs, collars etc.

For this example we are attaching a collar onto a neckline for the Alice top.

If possible, you can remove the side of your overlocker so you can stitch with the free arm which can help with sewing smaller loops such as sleeve cuffs or collars.

Begin your overlocking like normal, gradually starting your seam and trimming the required amount of seam allowance as you go. Keep all the raw edges in line and keep to a consistent seam allowance when overlocking.

As you come back round to meet with your original overlocking, ensure you stop trimming the seam allowance as you join up with the start.

This is so you can overlap your original stitching without cutting further into your garment.

Allow your needles to stitch over the original overlocking where you started off. After it has joined gradually pull away and cut your threads.

Tah Dah! You have successfully joined your overlocking in a loop.

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