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How to join bias binding

For this blog post we're sharing how to join bias binding. A handy technique to use up those odds and ends for your next project! We use bias binding to hem our sequinned fabric or it can be used to create piping for a cushion trim or even to make bunting!


Step 1 - Start by taking your two ends of bias binding and open them out flat.

Step 2 - Place them with right sides together and at a 90 degree angle. Keeping the bias flat when you do this. Pop in a pin to keep them in place.


Step 4 - You can check at this point that your stitching will be going in the correct direction.

Step 5 - Move your needle to the middle position, this is to have a clearer view when stitching.

Step 6 - Stitch them together diagonally, from one open edge where they cross over to the other. Remove the pin as you go. Ensure that you stitch where the folds in the bias binding as touching.


Step 7 - It's now time to trim the excess bias. Snip off any excess bias tape approx 0.5cm from the stitch line.


Step 8 - Give it a press and you are finished!

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