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How to do a tailor's tack

Tailor's tacks!

We're sharing how to do tailor's tacks. They are hand-sewn stitches used to mark specific points from a paper pattern onto fabric. For example, to indicate where darts are made on garments. We use these to mark the darts onto our new Wrap Skirt pattern.

You'll need -







Step 1. Thread your needle with a double thread, do not knot the end.

Step 2. Using the marker on the pattern piece. Take your first stitch through the pattern and fabric. (Go through all the layers if you have two pieces of fabric together.) Remove the pattern piece and pull the long tail but not all the way through the fabric.


Step 3. Come back up at the same point leaving a large loop on the back of the fabric.


Step 4. Repeat the last process. Leaving a loop on the front of the fabric also.


Step 5. Snip the thread to remove the needle then snip the loops left on the back and front of the fabric.


Step 6. Gently open up the fabric, snip the threads joining the fabric together.


Step 7. Leaving tufts on both pieces of fabric. You can carefully adjust these by pulling them slightly so there is equal amounts of thread on each side of the fabrics.

These are your tailor's tacks! Giving you handy markings on your fabric.

This technique is used to make the darts for our new wrap skirt which you can find HERE.

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