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How to create the perfect 'V' point for the Ava tunic neckline

We'll be showing you how to create the perfect 'V' shape for the Ava tunic in this blog post.

Our Ava tunic is a new pattern that has a pretty V neckline.

Step 1. Start by attaching the facing to the neckline as shown in the pattern.

Step 2. When sewing the bottom point of the triangle, stitch down one side of the V then pivot and sew just one stitch across horizontally.

Tip. You can pop a pin in place to hold the facing to the top which doing step 2.

Step 3. When creating your one horizontal stitch at the bottom point, you may find this more accurate and easier to make this stitch by turning your flywheel by hand.

Step 4. After you have finished sewing your facing to the top, very carefully cut down the V leaving approx 0.5cm seam allowance on the sides of the stitched V.

Step 5. Very carefully take some sharp scissors and snip right down to the bottom of the V. Avoiding the stitching.

Step 6. Lastly, carefully snip the seam allowance on all the curved edges of your neckline.

Step 7. Now turn your facing to the inside and press with steam!

Tah Dah! You will have a lovely V-neck on your pretty tunic.

Find the sewing pattern here -

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