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How to create a satin stitch

For this blog post we'll be explaining how to create a satin stitch!

We used this technique when making out beehive folder cover and pouch set -

Satin stitch is a close zip zag stitch that is used to create the bee's stripes!

First, affix your applique onto your main fabric that you'll be stitching onto. For example we used a bee body shape and wings, so we'll be ironing these onto our main fabric with bondaweb first. We have a handy blog post on how to applique here -

When you are ready to start sewing your bee's stripes, it's time to select your stitch. We use approx width of - 3.5mm and straight line of - 0.2mm.

(It is always advisable to test the satin stitch first on a spare piece of fabric.)

We use the regular 'J' sewing foot for our Brother sewing machine, but you can also use the 'N' foot (or monogramming foot) which has a handy channel on the bottom of the foot for thicker stitches to glide through. Either foot works well here.


Start at one side of your bees body and begin your stitch!

Tah Dah! You are all finished. We hope you enjoy using this stitch for many more sewing projects!

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