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How to create a button placket for a cushion

We use a button placket on the back of some of our cushion patterns, it is used to create an opening to get the cushion pad in and out. You are essentially creating two hemmed pieces of fabric, which are slotted one under the other. With buttons and button holes to create the fastening.


To start we need to hem one of the back panel pieces of your cushion. We use a hemming guide, you can make one for free using our DIY hemming guide blog post -

We want to hem each back piece by 2" and a further 2". We use the 2" line as a guide to start folding the placket of the back panel.

Press to hold into place.

Repeat the process with a second fold to hide the raw edge.


The back panel placket will now measure 2" wide, stitch to hold in place.

Then repeat this process with the second back panel piece.

Tah dah! You have your placket with your two back panels fitting nicely together. The next step is to pop the buttons and button holes onto your placket, see our blog post on how to do this -

This technique is used when making our Family Tree Cushion and Four Patch Cushion. Both can be found here -

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