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How to attach a neckband/collar

For our latest tips & tricks blog post we're showing how to attach a neckband/collar to a neckline.

We are making the Alice top pattern to show this technique.

First, take the collar piece and fold so wrong sides are facing. With the seam on the right hand side find the half way point on the opposite side and mark with a pin.

Fold again so markers meet. Now pop a pin at the quarter folds.

Now you have your quarters pinned, it's time to mark out the quarter points on your main top neckline.

Mark the centre points on the neckline of the top. Start by bringing the shoulder seams together, giving you the centre points of the neckline front and back. Pop a pin in place to mark these centre points.

Now, to find the final quarter points on the neckline, fold so the centre points are matching.

Mark each point with a pin on each shoulder. The quarter points are just below the shoulder seam. This is because the neckline on the front of the main top is slightly bigger due to the scoop.

It's now time to attach your collar to the neckline of the top. Place with right sides together.

Line up the pins on the collar with the pins on the neckline of the top. Do this for all four quarters. (Placing the seam of your collar piece at the back or side of your neckline). Ease in between the pins if required.

Pop in some additional pins to hold the collar in place if you wish.

Stitch in place to hold and you are done!

To find the Alice top pattern tap HERE.

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