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How to applique

In this post we will explain how to applique using bondaweb!
There are a number of Owl and Sewing Cat projects that use the applique method such as the applique tote bag and peg bag.
What you'll need-
Small pieces of fabric for applique
Main fabric
Using your printed template, trace the applique design onto the flat paper side of the bond-a-web (not the glue side).
Cut a small square of the bond-a-web around the shape and place onto the wrong side of your chosen fabric and iron on.
Carefully cut around the exact outline, and peel off the backing paper from the bond-a-web.
Place the design into position onto your main fabric and iron to fuse in place. (If you are placing lots of applique pieces onto your main fabric it may be worth taking your fabric and applique pieces over to your ironing board and arranging on the board to save walking across the room and little pieces of your design flying around before getting to the ironing board!)
Now stitch around all pieces using a contrasting thread and tah dah you have finished your applique design!

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