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How to adjust the size of the campervan sewing machine cover

This blog post is here to help you adjust the size of the Campervan Sewing Machine Cover to fit your sewing machine at home!

We understand not every machine is a standard size, so when purchasing the sewing pattern or kit from us, the pattern pieces might need to be adjusted ever so slightly.

Step 1. measuring

Before cutting out your fabrics start by taking the height, width and depth measurements of your sewing machine. Make a note of how much needs to be added onto your paper pattern pieces with these measurements.

Step 2. adding height

If you need to add height to your cover, start by adding a strip to the bottom straight edge of your 'main panel' pattern piece, remembering that 2cms will be lost to seam allowances. See pictures below for an example (please note this is not to scale). The pink strip shows the additional paper strip added to the bottom of the pattern piece. You can use newspaper or something similar that is to hand!


Step 3. adding width

If you need to add extra width to your sewing machine cover, cut a vertical line through the middle of your 'main panel' paper pattern piece (alongside the grainline arrow) and insert your extra piece of paper of your desired measurement as shown below in pink.

Step 4. adjusting long middle panel 

As you can see, for example, we have added 2 inches to the height and 2 inches to the width of our sewing machine cover. We now need to add this total number to our 'long middle panel'. We've added 4 inches to the middle of the pattern piece as shown below in pink. Simply slice the down the middle of the paper pattern piece vertically in half and insert a 4" piece of paper. This can also be done by adding the extra total measurent to one of the ends of the 'long middle panel' strip.

Step 5. adding depth

This may not need to be adjusted but if you need to add depth to your sewing machine cover, simply take the 'long middle panel' and add a strip of paper of your desired measurement to one long side of the pattern piece, as shown below in pink.

...and that's it! We hope you enjoy making your fab campervan sewing machine cover and would love to see pictures of the finished item! So, if you get a spare minute remember to share a snap to our facebook page or tag us on instagram page.

The sewing pattern for this project can be found here - 


  • Thank you for this information. It’s very useful.

    Elizabeth Pearson
  • This is very useful. I am using the pattern to make a cover for my overlocker. Thank you.

    Elizabeth Pearson
  • Thank you for adding this to C&C today to answer my query. Will now do my cover xxx

    Julie Goodwin

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