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Drawstring channel tips and tricks!

We have some handy tips and tricks for creating the drawstring channel on a drawstring bag. They make great gift bags, fill with the recipients favourite products, choccies or handmade gift. They can also be refilled to be used again and again!

When making the drawstring channel start by making two snips on both sides of the main panel. (We do this approx 9cms down from the top edge and make the snip 1cm deep, as this is our seam allowance.)

Ensure the snips are equal distance down from the top on both sides. Use a tape measure at this point or your cutting mat to get the snips even. This will ensure your drawstring channel will be straight.

Fold the fabric above the snip over by 1cm onto the wrong side of the fabric and press. Stitch close to the raw edge to hold into place.

You can now turn under your top raw edge and press by approx 1cm. Then turn under by a further 4cm and press to hold.


At this point you can use your handy hemming guide if you have one. We have a DIY blog post showing how to make one here -

Your even snips will make this simpler to line up. After pressing, stitch along the bottom folded edge to hold and form the channel.


Now, fold your bag panel with right sides together and pin the side and bottom raw edges. Sew along the bottom and up the side stopping exactly at the snip. Leave the top of the bag (with the channel) open.

Neaten the seams by overlocking the raw edges, or cutting with pinking shears.

Turn the bag right sides out and press. Thread cord through the open channel at the top of your bag. The easiest way to this is by attaching a safety pin to one end of the cord and passing it through to the other side. Tie the two ends of your cord together or attach a cord lock to stop your cord falling out.

Congratulations your drawstring bag is finished!

Find the sewing pattern here -

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  • Hi I love the way you describe each individual step it’s easy to follow thanks

    Tracy Joel

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