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Tips & Tricks for sewing darts

Sewing Darts!

We're sharing tips & tricks for sewing darts. Darts are folds that are sewn into fabric to give shape to clothing.

Step 1. Mark the dart's markings onto your fabric from the pattern piece. You can do this with little snips and a tailor's tack as shown below. Find more on tailor's tacks HERE.

Step 2. Fold your fabric with right sides together, as if you are ready to sew. Matching your snips at the top raw edge. Pin in place to hold. Your tailor's take will be inline with the fold of the fabric. It can be helpful to mark the stitch line for your dart onto the fabric using a ruler and chalk or invisible pen. This is a handy guide to follow when you are sewing.


Step 3. Begin sewing at the outside point of your dart, where the snips are, making your way to the inside point, where the tailor's tack is. Following the chalk marking if you made one.

Step 4. A handy tip is to line up the inside marking of your dart with the machine needle as a guide as you sew, to ensure you sew in a straight line.

Step 5. When you come to the end of your dart, sew to the end and do a lock in stitch by going up and down in the same spot. Use a '0' stitch length to do this. (Or if you have a Brother machine as shown below you can press and hold the 'o' button which will sew a lock in stitch on the spot.) Then leave a long length of threads to allow you to tie a knot to secure. This creates a nice finish at the end point of your dart.

Step 6. Remove your tailor's tack and knot your threads.

Your dart is now complete!

This technique is used to make our new wrap skirt which you can find HERE.

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